Nothing but "incessant child's antics and riot" ? - That must come to an end, thinks Lysistrata, enters the agora, and does her very best to bring the men "back to wisdom". - A female look at history.
The story is based on Lysistrata
by Aristophanes, a comedy written in 411 B.C. that exposes the folly of war.
  LYSISTRATA. All the long years when the hopeless war dragged along, we, unassuming, forgotten in quiet,
Endured without question, endured in our loneliness all your incessant child's antics and riot.
Our lips we kept tied, though aching with silence though well all the while in our silence, we knew
How wretchedly everything still was progressing by listening dumbly the day long to you.
For always at home you continued discussing the war and its politics loudly, and we
Sometimes would ask you, our hearts deep with sorrowing, though we spoke lightly, though happy to see,
What, dear, was said in the assembly today?
Mind your own business, he'd answer me growlingly, hold your tongue, woman, or else go away.
And so I would hold it.
Well, I did nothing but sit in the house, feeling dreary, and sigh,
While ever arrived some fresh tale of decisions more foolish by far and presaging disaster.
Then I would say to him, O my dear husband, why still do they rush on destruction the faster?
At which he would look at me sideways, exclaiming, Keep for your web and your shuttle your care,
Or for some hours hence your cheeks will be sore and hot; leave this alone, woman, war is Man's sole affair!
He at no time had lent
His intractable ears to absorb from our counsel one temperate word of advice, kindly meant.
But when at the last in the streets we heard shouted
Is there no one to help us, no savior in Athens? No there is no one.
And at once a convention of all wives through Hellas here for a serious purpose was held,
To determine how husbands might yet back to wisdom despite their reluctance in time be compelled.
Why then delay any longer? It's settled. For the future you'll take up our old occupation.
Now in turn you're to hold tongue, as we did, and listen while we show the way to recover the nation.
  Lysistrata (Comedy, 8 min, Color); Production: Sara Sand & Myster E; Director, Script, Cast: Sara Sand; Photography, First Assistant: Myster E; Music: Sara Sand, Vocals: Sara Sand, Myster E; Costume, Make up, Hair Stylist: Sara Sand; Sound: Sara Sand, Myster E; Editing, Titling: Sara Sand; DV Mastering: Myster E  
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